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Littler X-celerator


Littler X-celerator

The Littler X-celerator Toolkit provides employers with basic tools to help them comply with state and federal employment laws when hiring and maintaining a workforce. This toolkit delivers the knowledge and experience of our employment lawyers who have helped thousands of companies of all sizes. The X-celerator is a cost-efficient way for growing businesses to invest in their long-term success.

Each state-specific package covers the full lifecycle of an employee, including onboarding, maintaining the employee relationship, and termination. While there may be some variation in the contents of the different state toolkits, each package typically includes:

  • An employment application
  • A non-disclosure agreement for candidates
  • A summary of the law concerning unpaid interns
  • A list of permissible interview questions
  • A checklist of documents to review, and a questionnaire with issues to consider, if engaging an independent contractor
  • An offer letter
  • A new hire checklist
  • A template discrimination and retaliation prevention policy
  • A memo addressing personnel file practices
  • Performance management documents (such as a review form and disciplinary notice)
  • A list identifying applicable state-mandated leaves of absence
  • A termination letter
  • A separation checklist
  • Access to the Littler National Employer Library, as well as the pertinent state-specific Littler guide

Please review the pertinent state's Table of Contents (above) for details on the specific materials included in that toolkit.

*The California X-celerator is also available in Spanish and can be found here.

*Special pricing is available for franchisors or other entities interested in a bulk purchase of X-celerator toolkits. For details, contact Katherine Hinde at*