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Finding Beauty In Change: The Metamorphosis of Work


Finding Beauty In Change: The Metamorphosis of Work

The news is full of stories about the “Great Resignation.” Many employers are weathering a particularly painful perfect storm of the labor shortage, the supply chain crush and, of course, the pandemic that never ends. As employees come and go, employers wonder: Where are they going, and how can we incentivize talented people to join us, stay with us and be productive? How can we predict what employees need and want, without overhauling the fundamentals of doing business in an ever-changing economy? How can we achieve our commitment to equity when it’s harder than ever to retain women? To add to these challenges, none of the old answers seem to crack the complex coded mystery of what is happening with the workforce.

Originally presented at the 2022 Executive Employer, Littler Attorney Claire Deason examines the idea that the change we are living through in our workplaces – in the U.S. and around the world – is more than a pandemic, more than a shift in generations, and more than a new way of looking at how and where we work. Instead, it is a sociocultural metamorphosis affecting the fundamental connection and expectations between employer and employee. And it’s not over.

This video is for employers ready to explore what might grow from today’s chrysalis of challenges, and strategies for building and sustaining employment relationships that meet the needs of employees and employers alike: productive, diverse, satisfied and committed to the future, together.

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Run time approximately 50 minutes 30 seconds.