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Safely Returning Employees to Work: COVID-19 Guidance, Policies, and Forms for Employers


Safely Returning Employees to Work: COVID-19 Guidance, Policies, and Forms for Employers

Our toolkits provide industry-specific guidance to employers on reopening their businesses (or continuing to operate their businesses) in a safe and healthy manner. The industries covered are Office, Construction, Manufacturing/Shipping/Warehousing, Retail, Restaurant/Retail Food, Hospitality, and Sales/In Home Service.

Available as a National toolkit as well as a New York specialized version. Discounts available for purchasing more than one Toolkit. Two toolkits: 40% off. Discount applied automatically in cart. For a California compliant version of the toolkit, please see the California COVID-19 Prevention Plan.

The Toolkit includes the following documents:

  • A “Safety and Health Guide” for employers providing information on how to safely re-open. The Guide provides information in these areas:
    • Cleaning and disinfecting the worksite
    • Implementation of engineering and administrative controls
    • Use of cloth face coverings
    • Responding to workplace exposures
    • OSHA recording and reporting
    • Respirator (N95) use
    • Responding to OSHA complaints related to COVID-19
  • Eleven fillable “Template Forms” on a range of issues, including:
    • Exposure tracking documents
    • Exposure notice documents
    • Self-Certification Forms (Positive Test (Asymptomatic), Positive Test (Symptomatic, Self-Quarantine (No Symptoms)
    • Fitness for Duty Forms
    • Health Questionnaire Form
  • An employee-facing “Safety and Health Policy,” which can be used by employers to implement the rules and procedures provided for in the Guide.

New York Toolkit

The New York Safely Returning Employees to Work Toolkit contains the same information as the National RTW toolkit but the forms, templates and policy are tailored to comply with New York state-specific regulations and guidance. The New York Safe Return to Work toolkit is customized for businesses in these industries: Construction, Manufacturing/Warehouse/Shipping, Retail, and Office.

For employers in California, a COVID-19 Prevention Plan is required to comply with both the new Cal/OSHA Emergency Regulations effective December 1, 2020 and AB 685 that is effective January 1, 2021. For more information and to purchase a California compliant toolkit see the California COVID-19 Prevention Plan.