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California COVID-19 Prevention Plan


California COVID-19 Prevention Plan

The California COVID-19 Prevention Plan provides a COVID-19 Prevention Program for employers and notice templates compliant with Cal/OSHA and California’s AB 685 notice requirement. The Prevention Program includes guidance and policies on the following:

  • Identification and Evaluation of COVID-19 Hazards
  • Investigations
  • Training
  • Physical Distancing, Face Coverings, and Engineering and Administrative controls
  • Reporting and Recording-keeping
  • Return to Work Criteria
  • Multiple COVID-19 Infections and Major COVID-19 Outbreaks.

The California COVID-19 Prevention Plan also includes prepared templates and forms to comply with AB 685’s Notice Requirements.

For guidance policies and templates applicable to other states, please see Safely Returning Employees to Work: COVID-19 Guidance, Policies and Forms for Employers